| Journey into Joy Workshop | Saturday, April 29, 2017 | Boston, MA |


This day-long workshop is appropriate for anyone looking for a positive, transformative change in their daily living. The program is effective for teenagers, parents, singles, working professionals, or simply wisdom seekers who want to be happy and joyful.


Dr. Gajula guides the participants uncover nature's laws of life, which may otherwise appear perplexing and counter-intuitive. Through the realization of their connection to nature and appreciation of nature's wisdom, participants are able to visualize that life is nothing but joy, and sorrow and problems are merely precursors to joy.

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Life is nature's precious gift. To make the best use of it for happy living is true worship and to align with nature's laws of life discovered from one's own book of life is true spirituality. The "Journey into Joy" workshop illuminates the immense love and wisdom of nature and its mysterious ways to nurture joy in life.

In this workshop, Dr. Sriram Gajula explains nature’s paradoxical laws of life: connectedness in disconnectedness, boon in bane, smile in teardrop, gain in loss, advancement in postponement, and necessary in unnecessary. He also discusses other concepts such as symbiosis in dualistic nature, importance of domestication of desire, hierarchy of what we are over what we have, and inevitability of problems as a source of joy. He illustrates these subtle truths with real-life examples to help the participants actualize nature's wisdom in all walks of life. This workshop can bring a total transformation to one's inner wisdom. It can positively affect one's outlook, attitude, actions, and approach toward joyful living in tune with nature.

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Dr. Sriram Gajula is an eminent spiritual scientist, philosopher, author, speaker, seer, and sage. He holds a BS in Science and PhD in English from Osmania University, India. He is well read and well informed by his extensive travels around the world. He is a much-sought-after advisor and speaker globally. His philosophical discourses and writings cover such complex and intriguing subjects as the divinity in nature, smiling tears, cosmic communism, evil, and freewill.